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Solar Impulse lands in Morocco

Solar Impulse, the experimental sun-powered airplane that departed from Swiss two weeks ago, has just arrived in Morocco, successfully completing the first intercontinental flight in a solar powered-plane. Piloted by Andre Borschberg, Solar Impulse holds now the record for the longest flight by a manned solar-powered airplane after staying aloft for 26 hours, 10 minutes and 19 seconds above Switzerland, and also a record for altitude by flying at 9,235 metres.


Solar Impulse, a sun-powered plane, heading to Africa

The experimental sun-powered Solar Impulse airplane departed from the Swiss airfield of Payerne last night piloted by Andre Borschberg, on its first attempted intercontinental flight from Switzerland to Morocco.

Solar Impulse is expected to land in Madrid before heading to Morocco without using any fuel. Once in Morocco, where it’s said the launch of construction on the largest ever solar thermal plant it’s likely to start coinciding with the end of the trip, Solar Impulse will be hosted by the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), whose mission is to develop the Moroccan solar energy plan, to provide the country with a competitive industrial profile in the renewables sector.