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Solar Energy Succeeds… Even in the Toilet!

A solar-powered toilet that generates hydrogen and electricity designed by California Institute of Technology in the United States won the first prize in Reinvent the Toilet, a competition for next-generation toilets to improve sanitation in the developing world, carried out by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


New 16p Feed-in Tariffs – Solar PV in the UK

The UK Government has introduced today the New Feed-in Tariffs scheme. From 1st of August on, residential tariffs for homes which have a Level D Energy Performance Certificate or above, will drop down from 21p per kWh to 16p, and the payment time will decrease 5 years, standing at 20 instead of 25. On the flip side, the Export Tariff will increase to 4.5p/kWh. The total benefit estimated now for a homeowner installing solar panels on or after 1st August is £866 in Year 1.  (more…)

Solar Energy to power 110 acres of Bordeaux varieties

Jordan Vineyard & Winery, a company founded in 1972 in Healdsburg, California, that produces world-class Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay from Sonoma County, has just completed an installation of 454-Kilowatt solar PV array on a steep hillside behind the winery. The installation, which is expected to generate 99% of the energy consumed by the winery, as well as saving them  $4.9 million – around £3.17 million – in electricity costs over the next 30 years, consists of 1,932 solar panels 100% U.S. manufactured.


Edinburgh’s Telford College goes Solar!

Edinburgh’s Telford College, a Scottish College at the forefront of developing training opportunities in the burgeoning renewables industry, is fitting up to 650 solar panels and introduce a range of other novel low carbon technologies on its West Granton Road main campus, which will generate enough energy to allow it to become self-sufficient in power and to showcase it as a UK role model for an energy – efficient building.

The project will mean the college can significantly reduce its power bills and will be able to sell surplus electricity to the National Grid, allowing it to reduce its reliance on government funding. At the same time, present and future students, as well as architects, designer and engineers, will also be able to gain unique ‘real environment’ training in renewable energy and in developing self-sufficient buildings.


US Scientists develop Solar Panels to harness Solar Energy underwater

Made by high-quality gallium indium phosphide (GaInP) cells, which have a higher efficiency under low light conditions, new solar panels developed by Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Electronics Science and Technology Division can be used to power sensors or autonomous research devices designed to monitor ocean environments.

Discover Solar launches the Installers Back Panel

After months of hard work, Discover Solar is proud to announce its Solar PV Installers Back Panel is live! A couple of weeks ago we introduced our MCS Installers Directory, a database of MCS accredited solar PV installers created for those who are looking for a solar installer in their area. Now, we present our Installers Back Panel, a powerful and effective tool for Solar PV Installers of the UK who want to increase the visibility of their company and compete in prices against other installers working in the same area.