Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

Although the majority of domestic homes roofs are suitable for solar panels, there are some basic principles that can help you to figure out if solar panels can be installed on your roof. Have a look!


Is your roof, at least, 2Mx2M?If the answer is yes, we just can say… Welcome to the solar world!


Is your roof , or at least one of its sides, South facing?Although solar panels can be installed in any roof, the truth is the more closer to South facing, the more energy you generate and the more savings you make.


Where are you in the world? To get the most of your solar panels, the South of UK is obviously better. However, solar panels will work anywhere, so even living in the Northest point of the UK, you are still making profits.


Whats the angle of inclination of your roof?The ideal pitch is between 20 and 35 degrees, but solar panels can be installed nowadays in roofs with an angle between 15 and 50 degrees. If you have a flat roof, you can still install solar panels, but you will be required a planning permission.


Is your roof no shading or totally shaded?Although solar panels work even with cloudy weather, the truth is that the less shadow your roof has, the more light it receives, and, therefore, the more energy you generate. Still doubting if your roof is suitable? To find out if your roof is suitable for solar panels you can simply contact us for a free quotation or enter your postcode in our Income Estimator and discover it for yourself!

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