How much could I earn

The income you would receive thanks to solar energy varies depending on multiple factors as the size and orientation of your roof, your location, the number of solar panels needed, etc. For that reason, we at Discover Solar have developed our Income Estimator to provide our visitors an accurate estimation of their income.

Still not ready to try it? Well, here you go some examples*!

The story of Peter

Peter has been living in Basingstoke for the last 12 years. He used to live at his parents house, in Waterloovile, near Portsmouth, until his boss made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. The unique condition, moving to Basingstoke.

Once there, he became to be interested in ways of saving energy and also money, as he was paying a lot on his electricity bills. So he decided to install solar panels.

With a South orientated 6M x 3M roof with a 35° angle, his installation consisted on 9 solar panels of 2.07 kW capacity. The total investment for all the installation was £6,499.99.

During the first year he obtained a total benefit of £509.05 – £362.37 corresponding to the Feed-In Generation Tariff + £26.75 corresponding to the Exported Energy + £119.93 thanks to the savings he made on his bills.
Now, 11 years and 3 months later, he has already recovered all the investment made, and he is starting to produce pure benefits. Over the next 4 years he will have made £2,661.62, and in the Year 25, the total profit he will have makes a total of £11,000.05.


The story of Peter’s parents

Peter installed solar panels on his roof 11 years ago, and in the year one made a benefit of £509.05. He was that happy whit the results that decided to recommend his parents to do the same, as they were going to save energy and money thanks to solar energy.

Their roof is West orientated, sized 5M x 2M and is in a 20° angle. Their installation consisted on 6 solar panels of 1.38 kW capacity, with a total investment of £4,499.99, which covered all the installation.

In the first year, they will obtain £288.55 – £205.41 corresponding to the Feed-In Generation Tariff + £15.16 corresponding to the Exported Energy + £67.98 thanks to the savings on electricity bills.
14 years and 7 months later, they will recover all the investment made, and will start to produce real benefits. In Year 25, the total profit they will obtain makes a total of £4,919.87.


The story of Peter’s cousin

Peter’s cousin lives in Colney, Norwich. After hearing such good news from Peter and his parents, that are 100% satisfied with the decision they made, Peter’s cousin has decided to give solar energy an opportunity.

His roof is North orientated, sized 7M x 3M and 47° of pitch. The installation will start in a month, and consists on 12 solar panels of 2.76 kW of capacity.

Peter’s cousin will invest a total of £7,999.99, and he will have made £433.80 only in the first year. The income is estimated to be recovered in the next 15 years and 4 months, and the, he will start to make real profit. On year 25, Peter’s cousin will have made £6,913.58 just because he one day decided to install solar panels on his roof!


*Please notice these examples are not real, but could be, as the estimations are based in real conditions and locations. Anyway, we hope we can meet Peter one day…


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