Complete 3.68KW Solar Panel Installation

This 3.68KW installation package is our most comprehensive solar system and ultimately the best return on an investment in green technology. Consisting of 16 PV solar modules it provides a high energy yield giving you plenty of electricity to both power you home and sell back to the national grid.

After booking an appointment, an accredited member of the Marble Solar team will come by to survey your properties stability for your chosen solar system at a time that’s convenient for you.


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Income Estimator

All our solar modules are supplied by Future Solar, a leader in MCS certified solar technologies who are committed to manufacturing products to only the highest standards. As your solar system will be MCS certified you’ll qualify for the governments feed-in tariff scheme which will earn you money for every unit of electricity you generate.

What’s Included?

We supply all the equipment needed to get your new solar installation up and running including any scaffolding needed to mount your solar panels.


16 x FS-P660230 Solar Panels


SMA SB-4000TL Inverter


Rafter mounting brackets
Mounting 2M rails
Mounting 6M rails
Rail joiner
Panel double clips
Panel singular clips


4mm SWA cable (5 core) 20m
Pack of Cable cleats
Cable glands for SWA
1 Adaptable boxes
1 x 4 pole DC isolator
2 x double pole AC isolator
Mini Garage Fuse Board

Sticker Pack
25mm tails pack
Henley block, double pole
cable ties
mc4 connectors
Generation meter
Sunny Webbox (optional extra)