Scotland Invests £2.8bn in Renewable Energies

by Sara Pernas

According to figures released by Scottish Renewables, Scotland’s renewable energies industry has delivered capital investment of some £2.8bn since the beginning of 2009. The figures are part of a new series of statistics ‘Scotland’s Renewable Energy Sector in Numbers‘ published online this week.

The report shows Scotland’s renewable electricity capacity has grown quickly in the last years, with 4,842MW installed across all forms of renewable generation at the end of 2011. This growth has been powered mainly by significant investment in onshore wind, that only in 2011 produced 7,011 GWh and  has also generated more than half of all renewable electricity output – equivalent to around 18% of the country’s electricity needs. At the same time, this growing capacity has translated into significant 64% increase in renewable electricity output during the last four years.

Onshore Wind produced 7,011 GWh only in 2011

Onshore Wind produced 7,011 GWh only in 2011

These good results also show renewable energies generated more than 11,000 jobs, demonstrating the development of the sector is clearly an important point at a time of slow or negative economic growth.

These figures show Scotland’s renewables industry is very much bucking the economic trend.” says Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables. “During the downturn our industry has delivered some £2.8bn of much needed capital investment in our economy.  This has helped to grow the supply chain, secure the future of many companies and support more than 11,000 jobs.”

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