What’s The Future of the Energy?

by Sara Pernas

Around 85% of the energy consumed comes from fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), and this demand is expected to increase 2% per year. Burning these materials produce large amounts of CO2 that are being to the atmosphere, damaging the environment and leading the way to climate change.

In this video from the University of Cambridge, a group of experts talk about the energy demand and consumption, and examine how wind power, carbon capture storage (CSS) and material efficiency are examples of reducing or capturing CO2 emissions and guarantee a safe and efficient future for the planet.

Via Cambridge Ideas – The future of energy? – University of Cambridge

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One Response to “What’s The Future of the Energy?”

  1. Liz Karschner says:

    Great Video!!! The need for sustainable energy and lowering carbon emissions is growing fast! I’m not sure if there will be any major consequences of pumping CO2 into the Earth’s core is going to have long term effects and this is something I hope they keep researching before we cause more damage.

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