Weekly Solar PV Installations (ending 29th July 2012)

by Sara Pernas

Followed by the great results of last week solar pv installations, this week figures were even better! Still awaiting updates1 from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the first results published reveal that nothing more and nothing less than 9,390 solar photovoltaic installations were done in the UK during these last seven days!

The capacity installed increased by 46MW, standing by almost 1.27GW, and the total number of solar panel installations registered on the MCS database is now 363,065.

From now on, a new time starts for the solar energy sector in the UK. Yesterday 1st August, the new Feed-in Tariffs scheme started, and this change is expected to be followed by another drop of the number of domestic installations done in the country.

So… What’s next?

However, this is not bad news at all! Solar energy still has a great future and remains a key part of the UK’s renewable energy commitment.

Nowadays, solar panels for homes are one of the best investments possible, as well as a really good way to save both, energy and money.

On the other hand, there is also a lot of work to do in terms of commercial solar solutions: from solar farms and parks to ground mounted solar systems, passing by solar energy for companies, schools and other buildings of any shape and size; there are millions of roofs all along the UK ready to get the most of solar energy!

With electricity prices increasing every year, and expected to double over the next ten years, solar energy is the best way to maximise returns and protect companies from the rising prices of energy. If you own a business and are thinking about investing in Solar PV, do not hesitate to give us a call at 01621 856 628 or send us an email to sales@discoversolar.co.uk. Go Solar and start making money from your roof!

1The latest registrations have to be reviewed and updated. For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us or directly to DECC Statistics Department.

Updated 8th August 2012

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