New 16p Feed-in Tariffs – Solar PV in the UK

by Sara Pernas

The UK Government has introduced today the New Feed-in Tariffs scheme. From 1st of August on, residential tariffs for homes which have a Level D Energy Performance Certificate or above, will drop down from 21p per kWh to 16p, and the payment time will decrease 5 years, standing at 20 instead of 25. On the flip side, the Export Tariff will increase to 4.5p/kWh. The total benefit estimated now for a homeowner installing solar panels on or after 1st August is £866 in Year 1. 

It’s also expected a reduction in the Feed-in Tariffs of around 3.5% every three months as of November 2012, and this could potentially be higher if there is a rapid uptake of solar PV installations in the preceeding months. Watch the new Explanimation video about 16p Feed-in Tariffs below for a deep look into new Feed-in Tariffs:

How the 16p Feed-in Tariff works via Explanimation

How the 16p Feed-in Tariff works via Explanimation

On the other hand, Feed-in Tariffs for commercial installations are also set to be reduced, 10-50kW installations will receive 13.5/kWh, 50-150kW sites will get 11.5/kWh and 150-250kW systems will receive 11p/kWh.

Customers who already receive Feed-In Tariffs payments will see no changes in their payments, as they registered their solar panels installation before that date.

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