Solarife, the New Online Community for Solar Energy

by Sara Pernas

Say goodbye to Facebook and join the new revolutionary community for solar energy supporters,! is a new platform started by a group of enthusiastic people who sensed a need for a niche solar social community. Its main objective is to focus on bringing like minded people together to share their views on todays solar technology and its benefits for the future, as well as share their green-go ideas, and also learn about the importance of renewable energies.

Companies and individuals can share their thoughts in Solarife blogging platform

Companies and individuals can share their thoughts in Solarife blogging platform

This new platform is open to everybody all over the world. Anyone joining Solarife can participate in discussions, download resources, write articles, get in contact with industry leaders or even apply for a job on the solar sector, among other things. As the platform is open to all individuals, it becomes a huge advantage to learn and benefit from solar companies from different parts of the world. “We help organizations as well as individuals by bridging the gap between them and allowing them to communicate with each other” says Vinay Ramamurthy, one of the creators of Solarife, who believes everybody develops his or her own habits interacting with other people. On the flip side, companies can show their services, products and activities, as well as get reviews from customers, publish job offers, and have their own profile in the platform.

Solarife has been launched to encourage the idea of collaboration, cooperation and exchange of ideas, between professionals and individuals who share the same interests and concerns about the solar energy sector. Discover Solar is already in, what are you waiting for?

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