Solar Energy to power 110 acres of Bordeaux varieties

by Sara Pernas

Jordan Vineyard & Winery, a company founded in 1972 in Healdsburg, California, that produces world-class Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay from Sonoma County, has just completed an installation of 454-Kilowatt solar PV array on a steep hillside behind the winery. The installation, which is expected to generate 99% of the energy consumed by the winery, as well as saving them  $4.9 million – around £3.17 million – in electricity costs over the next 30 years, consists of 1,932 solar panels 100% U.S. manufactured.

Six years ago, Jordan Vineyard & Winery, located in one of the world’s finest winegrowing regions, started a program to reduce their carbon footprint to the lowest level possible before going solar. From 2007 to 2011, the winery installed we installed “cool roofs”, new refrigeration units, new warehouse doors, pre-insulated piping systems, PowerShaver USES® technology, LED lighting and also enrolled in PG&E ClimateSmart™ to reach their first electricity-reduction targets. As a result, Jordan Vineyard & Winery electricity demand was reduced by 25%. “Since 2006, we’ve contemplated installing a solar array (…), but I felt strongly about reducing our energy use before converting to solar power. (…) This approach has paid off.says Tim Spence, Director of Facilities and Operations in their digital magazine.

Jordan Vineyard & Winery also tries to work with suppliers that support the well-known 3R – reduce, reuse, recycle -. In addition, as an attempt to protect their country’s economy, they decided to carry out this project with 100% American made products: Jordan’s solar panels were made by Sharp in Tennessee, its DECK Monitoring system was manufactured in Oregon and Solectria inverters made in Massachusetts. “China’s solar companies hold more than 60 percent of the global market, and we really wanted to be able to support the American economy.” sais Tim in Jordan’s Blog.

Since Jordan started producing electricity from the sun, 29th June 2012, their COoffset is equivalent to planting 500 trees, and the energy generated could have powered 180 60-Watt bulbs for one Year of 8 Hour/Day use. Check their real-time environmental impact and energy production in the box below, or here.

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