Weekly Solar PV Installations (ending 1st July 2012)

by Sara Pernas

The UK has seen a huge increase in the number of solar installations during the last three weeks and this number is expected be maintained or even grow until the end of July due to the start of the new Feed-in Tariffs scheme.

This last week there have been 3,434 installations in all the UK. The total number of solar PV installations done is 338,107 for the week ending 1st July. The total capacity installed increased by 11.2MW, keeping the total capacity installed on almost 1.16 GW right now1.

There is only one month left to those interested in receiving the highest tariff possible. Although new Feed-in Tariffs staring in August 2012 are not giving as much benefit as the current ones, or even the 43p/kWp Feed-in Tariffs we used to have some time ago, the truth is the new scheme will give a return of 9.92% only in the first year, compared to 11.70% of now. Click here to see our calculations.

Still interested in installing solar panels now and receive the current Feed-in Tariff? Conctact us!

1The latest registrations have to be reviewed and updated. For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us or directly to DECC Statistics Department.

Updated 11th July

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