Discover Solar launches the Installers Back Panel

by Sara Pernas

After months of hard work, Discover Solar is proud to announce its Solar PV Installers Back Panel is live! A couple of weeks ago we introduced our MCS Installers Directory, a database of MCS accredited solar PV installers created for those who are looking for a solar installer in their area. Now, we present our Installers Back Panel, a powerful and effective tool for Solar PV Installers of the UK who want to increase the visibility of their company and compete in prices against other installers working in the same area.

How does it work?

Discover Solar aims to encourage people to install panels on their roofs and start saving energy. Our main objective is to connect customers and installers, by offering the most competitive prices in the market. When a customer enters their details to Discover Solar we will email all MCS approved installers that fall within the distance of their working range specified in the back panel.

The email will provide a link to the Marketplace where you can view basic information on the requested installation. If you would like further information you can purchase our installation PDF directly from the Marketplace which contains all the customers details and roof installations details. Each lead is only to three MCS installers to give you every opportunity to turn the lead into a sale.

As a Solar Installer, how can I join Discover Solar Installers Back Panel?

All MCS approved installers are automatically added to Discover Solar with their basic information. By logging into our Back Panel installers can customise their public profiles and giving more detailed information to customers. If you haven’t received an email with your user information, please, contact us. If you already have been given an username and a password, go to our Installers Log In page and introduce that info to access to your private installer profile. Next time you want to login, just click on the Installer Login link located on the top right of our website.

I’ve already logged in. What’s next?

Once logged in, you will be sent directly to the Installers Dashboard, where you can personalize your public profile by…

  1. Adding your company details (address, working range, etc.)
  2. Adding a contact person (yes, that’s probably you!)
  3. Uploading a profile image like you logo or any other image that makes your company recognisable.
  4. Filling out your company description: Tell the world how long you have been working on the sector, how many installations you have done, the biggest project you have worked in, etc.
  5. Adding extra services: Do you do anything else appart from solar PV installations? Solar Thermal? Wind turbines, maybe? As long as it’s related with the sector, no matter what you do. Just say it!
  6. Adding your systems: Tell us about the brands you work with, as well as the sizes and prices of your installations. If you have a fixed price for a concrete installation, add it to Fixed Systems. If you can do any size of installations, and your prices are per panel, do it in Flexible Systems. Interested in adding both fixed and flexible systems? No worries, you can do it too! For more information, see Differences between Fixed Systems and Flexible Systems.
Define Your Systems - Discover Solar Define Your Systems – Discover Solar

But… when am I getting leads?

Once we receive a quotation from a customer, we will email the best matched installers with basic information. Ready to go? Click here to enter the Installers Dashboard and start customising your profile now!

Click here to log in Installers Login – Discover Solar

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