The Solar Floating Resort is almost a reality

by Sara Pernas

After hearing about Michele Puzzolante’s Solar Floating Resort, investors have shown a lot of interest on the project, and negotiations are in progress to set up 59 islands in the Philippines.

The Solar Floating Resort would consist of a Five Star Hotel – 1 Hall Event 600 m2, 4 Conference Rooms 70 m2, 1 Restaurant 260 m2, 1 Bar lounge 260 m2, 1 VIP lounge 160 m2, 1 Wellness Center Spa 410 m2, 1 Boutique Area 150 m2, 36 Bedrooms 26 m2, 12 Junior Suites 50 m2, 4 Suites 70 m2, 2 Presidential Penthouses 160 m2 -, a Multi-purpose Marina – Marina for 14 Yachts, Marina for 10 Solar Floating Resorts Units, 1 Under water Restaurant 185 m2, 1 Underwater Bar Lounge Disco 240 m2, 3 Mini Airports/Heliports, 4 Receptions 110 m2, 4 Back Offices 80 m2, 2 Storages Maintenance 130 m2, 17 Staff Berthing 30 m2, 3 Officers Berthing 30 m2, 1 Staff Cafeteria 160 m2, 1 Control Tower-Security 170 m2 -, and a Resort with 20 Private Villas of 100m2.

The main originality of SFR resides in its modular system that permits to construct all the parts in a factory, transport them by containers on site by ground, air or sea and to assemble the whole in a few weeks, like a “Lego”.

Thin films photovoltaic used in the project are made of low cost materials and work under low light conditions, as well as artificial light. They work almost twenty four hours the day, providing enough energy to the entire electrical systems. The excess of electrical current is then stored into Flywheel Energy Storages. Thin films photovoltaic have a dye, a solar cell based on a chlorophyll molecule, that absorbs light and transforms it into electricity, in a process called artificial photosynthesis.

With an estimated 30,000 five stars front beach hotels and island resorts around the world, this £80 million solar powered project has good chances to become a reality.

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