Solar Floating Resort – Go Solar on Holidays!

by Sara Pernas

Ideated by Michele Puzzolante, an Italian industrial designer, Solar Floating Resort is a luxury yacht with a submarine self-sufficient energy generator which uses solar power as its source of energy. This totally self-sufficient and non-polluting project is launched as an alternative to these more than 30,000 beach front hotels and island resorts around the world, as well as a way to fight against climate change.

Realizing there is more energy created by the sun in just one hour than the entire world consumes in one year, Puzzolante designed this 20-meter long pod where up to six people can sleep, with two single and two double bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. In this Solar Floating Resort there is also a large kitchen, a dining area, one lounge, a pilot room, a teak deck with sun loungers and Jacuzzi, and a fully submerged observation bulb with a thick glass enclosure that provides a 360 degree view.

There are several floating hotels around the world, but none of them employs this kind of technology. The structure consists of an outside skin that absorbs sunlight energy and an inside skin that absorbs artificial lighting energy, both in balsa-reinforced fiberglass. Photo-electro-chemical cells are integrated into the two skins and provide power for the electrical and propulsion systems, and a vacuum insulation ensures guests enjoy an optimum temperature.

With this project, Puzzolante makes the Solar Floating Resort the perfect choice for the future. To those thinking in going on holidays, here you go a way to vacation in style without leaving any carbon foot print!

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