Germany generates the 40% of its electricity needs in one day

by Sara Pernas

Last weekend, and due to an early summer day, Germany solar power plants generated around 22GW during the midday hours of Friday May 25 and Saturday May 26, producing, only on Saturday, a 40% of the total power demand in the country. These numbers, which equal almost half of national electricity demand, and are equivalent to the power output of twenty nuclear power plants, have set up another new world record for solar power.

“Never before anywhere has a country produced as much photovoltaic electricity,” Norbert Allnoch, director of the Institute of the Renewable Energy Industry in Muenster told Reuters.

Germany produces 40% of energy needs in one day vía Solar Power Portal

Germany produces 40% of energy needs in one day vía Solar Power Portal

The German solar market has long been held up as the industry’s leading light, with over 26GW of solar capacity installed to date. These results are not only good for Germany, but also for the solar sector in general, which has been dropping for the last years in all Europe, and specially in the UK since the Government started to change the tariffs. This fact demonstrate, once more, that there’s enough room – in both senses, as Germany has space for increase its solar capacity at least 5-10 times more – for solar energy in the energy sector as an alternative to the common energy sources.

Proponents of renewables said this record demonstrates solar energy is viable, contrary to critics’ opinion. German solar generation figures show that solar power can play an important role in the energy production of a country.


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