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Weekly Solar PV Installations (18-24th June 2012)

Coming directly from Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Discover Solar has the pleasure of announce the latest solar PV installation figures, which are even better than last week! DECC statistics confirm, at least, 2,136 installations have been done in this week ending 24th June. Will the UK reach 3,000 installations for this last week at the end of DECC’s revision?1.


EU27 contribution of renewable energy up to 12.4% in 2010

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, has recently published some data about the renewable energy share of the European Union members. Still with some missing data, the energy from renewable resources in 2010 was estimated to be around 12.4% of the gross final energy consumption, compared with 11.7% in 2009 and 10.5% in 2008.

According to Eurostat report, the highest contributors to the share of renewables in 2009 were Sweden (48%), Latvia(34.3%), Finland (31.1%), Portugal (24.6%) and Estonia (23%), and the lowest Malta (0.2%), Luxembourg (2.8%), the United Kingdom (2.9%) and the Netherlands (4.1%).


Solar Floating Resort – Go Solar on Holidays!

Ideated by Michele Puzzolante, an Italian industrial designer, Solar Floating Resort is a luxury yacht with a submarine self-sufficient energy generator which uses solar power as its source of energy. This totally self-sufficient and non-polluting project is launched as an alternative to these more than 30,000 beach front hotels and island resorts around the world, as well as a way to fight against climate change. (more…)

Vodafone develops an umbrella that boosts signal strength and recharge phones thanks to solar panels

Dr. Tong, lecturer in antennas and microwave technology at University College London, and his team have developed the Vodafone Booster Brolly, and umbrella that catches radio-waves from a Vodafone transmitter thanks to an in-built antenna, and works as a repeater, boosting signal to other customers around. Thought as necessary festival-goers gadget, this revolutionary umbrella has attached a dozen of solar panels on its canopy are used to recharge the phones. (more…)

Ikea will save 6,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year thanks to solar energy

Swedish company IKEA has announced its plans to install solar photovoltaic panels on all its buildings in China over the next three years, as part of its goal to only use renewable energy to power its facilities.

Once finished, the solar panels installations will provide up to 15% of the electricity needed in all the IKEA stores, as well as 100% of its distribution centers in China, larger buildings that require less energy. As a result, the home furnishing company will save around 6,000 of carbon dioxide emissions per year. (more…)

Weekly Solar PV Installations (4-10th June 2012)

After downloading the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) solar installations statistics for the week ending 10th June, the latest results don’t look as good as expected. Although these results are still provisional1, the number of installations during the last 7 days has decreased around a 40% in comparison with the last week figures.


One in six farmers will go solar this summer

About a third part of the UK farmers will be using some kind of renewable energy by August 2012 – when The Green Deal will be introduced -, a study has just revealed. Published by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and NatWest, this report confirms the agricultural sector bet for renewables, as demand for solar panels, wind turbines and other renewables has increased during the last months.

After surveying more than 400 farmers, solar installations proved the most popular option with one in six farmers claiming they will have solar PV systems installed by the end of this summer, and farmers in the East of England and the Midlands have a 5% uptake of wind turbines. Renewable heat technologies, such as biomass boilers or anaerobic digestion plants, are also expected to be in place at around 10% of farms by the end of the summer. (more…)