Weekly Solar PV Installations (ending 6th May 2012)

by Sara Pernas

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has once more published and updated solar photovoltaic installations for the week ending 6th May 2012. Solar panels demand in the UK continues to drop as we could see last weeks, and overall have dropped off a cliff since the new Feed-in Tariffs started, lending support to these who say this decision was taken too fast, damaging thousands of homeowners and businesses.

On the other hand, although lots of people may think solar panels won’t make profit anymore, the truth is that Feed-in Tariffs are still working, and new solar installations continue giving benefits to homeowners. From 1st April, the new Feed-in Tariff is 21p/kWh for installations up to 4kW, plus an Energy Performance Certificate Band D or above. New FITs will keep on giving benefits to those who had installed solar panels recently – or who are thinking in doing it in the future -. The initial investment is usually recovered in the first ten years – as an average – and then all generated is pure profit.

This last week, 1,585 installations have been done in the UK, making a total of 316,258 solar photovoltaic installations registered on the MCS Installation Database right now.

These results are still provisional, as the latest registrations have to be reviewed and updated. For any enquiries, don’t hesitate in contact us or directly to DECC Statistics Department.


Updated on 16th May 2012.

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