Coventry Cathedral Ditches Plans for Solar

by 00cap2

Coventry Cathedral

Government Shambles on Solar Tariff

The historic cathedral, that was rebuilt after Nazi bombing raids in the Second World War, was thinking of investing over one hundred thousand pounds installing the panels.
However cuts in the so-called ‘Feed in Tariff’ offered by the Government now make the project financially impossible.

At the beginning the offer of 43 pence for every unit of energy generated meant that the cathedral would be able to pay back the costs of the investment and make money on top.
But the Government’s decision to slash the so-called ‘Feed in Tariff’(FITS) by over half to 21p means that this is now financially impossible.

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Jane Woodward, executive director at the cathedral said:

“We don’t have lots of spare cash to do this on principle unfortunately, so the feed-in tariff was fairly key to making the project go ahead for us,” she said.

Howard Johns, spokesman for the Cut Don’t Kill campaign, said even more companies could suffer if the subsidy is cut even further.

“If the Government is serious about seizing the momentum and boosting renewable energy jobs it has a very funny way of showing it. After the total policy shambles of the last six months it is now vital that the government’s actions need to match their soothing words. The Department for Energy and Climate Change should think again and abandon the next round of swingeing feed-in tariff cuts expected in July.”

The National Trust and the Church of England have also said they have had to cancel projects along with many schools and community centres.

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