Solar Panels Help Power Revamped King’s Cross Station

by 00cap2

Solar panel on the roof of King's Cross Train Shed

A massive £1.3m project to fit a 240 kilowatt solar system to the roof of King’s Cross station is nearing completion.

The station’s new roof captured imaginations when it opened last week and impressed many that saw it. Now the process of installing solar panels along two new curved glass roofs soaring high above the platforms and concourses is in many ways just as spectacular.

The solar PV cells are set into 1392 glass laminate units that form part of the 2,300 square metre glass roofing structure.

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The system is due to be completed by the summer, when it should start to produce around 175,000 Kilowatts an hour of electricity per year, saving over 100 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The system forms part of a major overhaul of King’s Cross station, including the restoration of the original 1851 facade of the building, the renovation of the ticket hall and the main train shed roof, and the creation of a new public square in front of the station.

However despite all of this, King’s Cross is still lagging behind Blackfriars when it comes to solar power. Blackfriars, which reopened earlier this year after extensive modernisation, boasts a 4,400-panel array running along the roof of a railway bridge spanning the Thames.

Inspite of this, this is an excellent sign and shows the governments commitment to green energy by installing these systems on public infrastructure.

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