Save energy – what you can do at home to cut your electricity bills

by Sara Pernas

Little things make the difference! Start saving money in your electricity bills from this week. Here you go some tips:


- Turn off the lights when leaving a room and save at least a 30% in your electricity bills: We usually turn on the light as a reflex, when we go into a room, even when it’s not needed because natural light that comes through the windows is more than enough.

- Don’t overfill your kettle: Use the water you’re going to need. The more water you use unnecessarily, the more time the kettle needs to boil it, and the more energy is being wasted.

- Don’t leave appliances on standby or laptops and mobile phones on charge unnecessarily. Unplug chargers that aren’t working.

- Full your dishwasher

- Have a shower instead of a bath: Apart from wasting less water, shower uses a third part of energy in comparison with a bath.

- Turn your thermostat down: Keep the central heating at between 18-21C to have a comfortable and healthy temperature.

- Once you decide to buy a new dishwasher, washing machine or freezer, choose the most energy efficient appliances to avoid wasting more energy than you need.

- Insulate your house: Keeping your house warm without needing heating is the best way to save money in your electricity bills.

- Trust in renewables: Solar power has become economically viable for use in the domestic household. Solar thermal can provide hot water all-year round. Solar panels can cut up to £200 off your energy bills and provide a passive income via the Government’s feed-in tariff.


Still needing more tips? Questions without answers? Leave a comment, or contact us for more information.

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