Super Homes, the way to energy efficient houses

by Sara Pernas

Have you ever heard about Super Homes network? It is said that between now and 2020 the UK needs to refurbish 23 million homes to meet carbon reduction targets, that is, almost 8,000 houses everyday!

Super Homes (also known as Old Home SuperHome) is a rapidly expanding network of over 116 homes across the UK who have all had an energy efficiency update, slashing their carbon emission by at least 60%. All the house owners in the project have refurbished their old homes to the highest levels of energetic efficiency, becoming eco-friendly, sustainable, low energy and low carbon houses. But apart from that, the Super Homes owners are encouraged to open the doors of their houses to the public at least two times every year, and also offer a guided tour to talk about their experience in this network.

John Doggart of the Sustainable Energy Academy (the SEA) who organize the SuperHome network, says the benefits of visiting a Super home are that “it gives visitors a ‘touch and feel’ experience. Before people have experienced a low carbon home, they usually think it’s a good idea, but not necessarily for them. Once they’ve visited a SuperHome, they see how they can do it in their own home. Marketing people call it salience. The opportunity to touch and feel convinces people of a reality in a way that words or megaphone messages can’t. Seeing is believing.

Among other things, Super Homes include ground source heat pumps, heat recovery systems, solar panels, low energy LED lighting, solid walls insulation and internal insulation, always using environmentally friendly fabrics such as sheep’s wool and recycled glass work surfaces.

1950s 3 Bedroom flat with a 4.0kWp Photo voltaic system in Rotherham, Bierlow Close.


Interested in getting involved in this project? Have a look at the next events below or visit Super Homes website.

Oxford, Marchwood

Date: Saturday 14th April 2012 || Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Hawick, Howdenbank

Date: Friday 20th April 2012 || Time: 09:00 – 16:00

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