Wadebridge, in Cornwall, is the Britain’s first solar powered town

by Sara Pernas

Producing the 30% of the electricity from renewable resources by 2015, retaining the benefits locally and build a town model for other cities are the three main challenges of Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN). This social enterprise from Wadebridge and surroundings is carried out by volunteers with different professional backgrounds that decided to encourage their neighbors to establish a low carbon and renewable resources powered community, to be the first solar powered town in UK and also become a role model to other areas.

WREN started in 2010 and didn’t stopped working until now. Nowadays, their plan is installing a 1 MW solar panels system by April, and also a 7MW by 2015, which, as said before,would supply around a third part of the electricity needed in the town. If you are interested in following this project, you can visit their blog or also join their team!


From Discover Solar, we hope this initiative will be the starting point of a natural, renewable and green energy planet ;)


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