Unique Solar Roof Tile Launched

by 00cap2

The New Solar Roof tile for UK Homes

Designed To Integrate with Existing Roof Tiles

Solarcentury has launched a new solar electric roof tile that has been designed to fit alongside plain roof tiles.
The solar tile is suitable and can be fitted alongside normal roof tiles from all manufacturers. The huge demand for solar panels has led to the development of integrating solar panels with original roof tiles.

The Feed-in tariff has boosted demand for solar significantly, and that is set to continue as energy prices rise. Many solar installers and roofing contractors have started to adopt this new tile, due to its design flexibility and integration with existing roofing structures.

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Product Specification

The new solar tile is compatible with single and double camber tiles. Each tile is can generate 47 watts, with 54 forming a typical 2.5 kilowatt roof power system. So in total this would generate 2,150 kilowatts of power per year. It can be fitted around roof obstructions such as roof windows, roof vents & chimneys helping to ensure the entire available roof space can be utilised.

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