Blackshaws Garage reduces its carbon footprint

by Sara Pernas

A significant reduction of their carbon footprint, the generation of an income through the feed in tariff and savings on electricity bills – which had reached £30,000 last year – were the three main reasons that made David Blackshaw – Blackshaws Garage‘s Managing Director – decide to invest in solar energy and install photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of his company, which has been working in Alnwick since 1919.

It is estimated that this solar panels installation will help the family-owned garage to save about £2,500 on electricity bills this year, and also will reduce their carbon footprint, stopping emissions by about 12 tonnes in the process. In adittion, Blackshaw Garage will see an average annual return on investment of 22.5 percent.


David Blackshaw, on the right, at Blackshaws Garage with one of the three Nissan electric cars

David Blackshaw at Blackshaws Garage with one of the three Nissan electric cars


The garage had already acquired three Nissan electric cars in the past, that now, continuing with their environmental ambitions, will power their journeys with the new electricity generated thanks to this new solar array,

The installation, a 30kWp solar system consisting of 122 Hyundai solar modules, was carried out by Eco Environments, a Newcastle-based company. David Hunt, a director with Eco Environments, said that “Businesses can receive a return on investment of up to 15 per cent combined with huge savings to their carbon footprint. Blackshaws is an ideal customer because they understand the importance and significant benefits of developing a comprehensive environmental strategy with solar PV as one of the key elements.”


Via SolarPowerPortal and Eco-Environments.


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