Grays Shopping Centre becomes solar

by Sara Pernas

Grays Shopping Centre, in Essex, has definitely done its bit for the society and also for the environment. A 200 solar panels project was installed last week, covering a space of 15,000 sq ft on the roof of the building. When operating, the solar array will produce around 45,000 kWh’s per year, saving about 600 tonnes of CO2 during the life of the project.


Grays Shopping Center Solar Panels Installation

Grays Shopping Center Solar Panels Installation


Grays Shopping Centre solar panels will also bring approximately 50% of the energy needed to light the centre’s car park which, because of current health and safety regulations, is required to supply 24 hour lighting.

The project follows the completion of Rockspring’s 1.6MW Westcott Venture Solar Park in June last year, which “produces around 365,000 kWh per year, saving 70 tonnes of carbon and enough energy to provide over 15% of the electricity consumed by the 60 plus companies located on the business park.”

Now that this solar installation project is finished, Rockspring group is starting to plan for more solar projects in other shopping centres like The Dolphin Centre in Romford and the Marlands Shopping Centre in Southampton.


Via SolarPowerPortal.


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