Feed In Tariff Requires Energy Performance Certificate @ Level D or Above

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Get Your Certificates Ready

From April 1st 2012 all households that wish to install any kind of solar PV system will need to ensure that their houses are properly insulated and meet level D of the EPC certificate to receive their Feed in Tariff (FIT)

The new requirement will apply to any building, connected to a solar PV system, whether that be a domestic or commercial property. Any building must still be covered by an EPC Level D even if it is not heated at all. The new requirements covers systems of less than 50 kW of energy produced. Financial assistance required in order to meet the new level will also be available through the government’s Green Deal scheme.

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Complete Clarity

The Government Department for Energy & Climate Change have made it absolutely clear that there is no negotiation and all householders must hold a certificate at level D or above. A statement released from the department stated that:

“A generator must be able to demonstrate as part of their application for FITs that the building to which the solar PV installation is attached or wired to provide electricity is rated at EPC level D or above & that an application for the Feed in Tariff must be accompanied by the EPC certificate displaying the level D rating clearly.”

Acceptance of New Policy from Solar Panel Industry

The new policy aforementioned has been widely accepted by the solar panel industry, this is due in part because the earlier requirement by the government for a Level C rating requirement which has dropped in favour of Level D. If level C had been implemented, many in the industry feared that sales of Solar Systems to consumers would drop and potentially destroy and prospects of expanding the scheme to new customers.

At the moment just over half of buildings in the UK meet the band D rating and it is hoped that it should not be very hard for domestic & commercial properties to reach a level D rating than the earlier proposed Level C rating.

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