Top 10 Myths of Solar Energy

by 00cap2


There are many myths surrounding solar power in general, this can be attributed to many factors but most crucial of all is a lack of awareness and understanding from the general public with regards to the benefits of solar power and what it can do for people. Also there seems to be a lack of advertising on the subject especially when it comes to t.v. ad campaigns and other forms of media coverage.



Below I have outlined the Top 10 Myths of Solar Power and what the real truth about each is:

  1. Solar Power is Too Expensive:This one is definitely a huge myth! In the UK you can get solar panels installed on your home roof for free on a government scheme & many companies are offering finance deals on solar panels.

  2. You Will Need to Invest at Least £10,000 to Gain any Financial Benefit from Installing Solar Panels:The Government announced on the 20th June 2011 the Renewable Heat Incentive Plan had come into to effect. What this essentially means is that you can install Hot Water Panels instead of exclusively solar panels. Hot Water Panels are a lot cheaper than solar panels. The cost for installation is around £4,000 and the amount which one would expect to earn through the scheme would be £400 per year along with a fifty pound bill saving bonus over a period of 20 years. It has a very high return on offer even though it is a smaller investment.

  3. You Need to Have a Huge Roof to Fit All of Those Solar Panels On:There was a lot of truth to this statement around about 10 – 15 years ago, however the technology used in each solar panel today with increased efficiency means that a 3 square area of roof space is needed which can be accommodated by 90 % of UK households today. Obviously a larger system will will earn more through the Feed in Tariff (FIT). Discover What Solar Panels Can Do For you →

  4. Your Roof Has to be Directly Facing South:Yes it is true that direction south is the best direction for your roof to face in order to utilise the suns rays, however the any direction facing roof will yield great long term money feedback & bill savings.

  5. The Solar Panels Must be Placed on a Roof:This is untrue as solar panels can be set up anywhere they have direct access to sunlight with a cable taking the generated power to your property, indeed you could also place them on your garage roof or garden. A lot of people like to display their panels on their roof to show that they care about the environment and want to make a difference.

  6. There is Hardly Any Sun in The Uk?:It is true that for the most part the United Kingdom is subjected to overcast and dull weather conditions, however this only partially reduces the effectiveness of solar panels becuase of the advancement of technology which allows solar panels to capture direct and indirect light.

  7. They are Expensive to Maintain & I Just Paid a Huge Installation Fee:Solar Panels have no moving parts like say auto mobiles do, so they’re very simple & reliable. All come with a 25 year guarantee, and guess what!. This is the length of time you’re eligible to receive payments through the Feed in Tariff (FIT) with Solar panels.

  8. Hold on…What if The Feed In Tariff Stops?:All Solar Panels bought now are eligible for the full 25 year period of the Feed In Tariff. The rate you will receive now will be the rate you will always get irrespective of the face that the government may reduce the tariff in the future.

  9. I Will Need Planning Permission to Install Solar Panels:This is not true at all, you don’t need planning permission as the government is actively encouraging us to user greener methods in order to cut pollution and green house gases, basically your carbon foot print.

  10. What If I Sell My house…What About The Panels?:Solar panels will increase your house price & the next people moving in will know they will make large savings on their bills also. They’ll also be eligible to receive the Feed in Tariff whilst still under the period that these payments are made for, therefore you can negotiate an increase of the price the price you get for your property.


Finally we have busted the most commonly spoken about myths surrounding solar technology, so jump on the bandwagon. It’s time to go GREEN.


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