Solar Energy Myths

by 00str1

Solar Panels are a widely regarded as one of the greatest innovations however there are still lots of myths and misconceptions. These include the use of solar panels during the winter and the efficiency of the panels themselves.

Solar panel efficiency is too low

As with any new technology it continuously develops to improve the quality. Solar panels are no different, they can and will be more efficient in the future but they are still good enough now to give an excellent return on investment.

Solar won’t work in the UK

Solar panels will work anywhere in the world where there is sunshine. Obviously the UK does not receive as much sunlight as other countries around the world but solar panels will still continue to produce solar energy even in cloudy conditions. The heat and temperature are irrelevant to solar panels as they require radiation for photovoltaic generation.

The solar panels look ugly on my roof

The look of solar panels comes down largely to personal taste. Some will say they are ugly whilst others will marvel at their aesthetic beauty. However if the solar panels are fitted flush to the roof they can often be mistaken for skylights.

Solar energy is too expensive

Yes, the initial investment of solar panels can be expensive with the average sized installation costing approximately £10,000. The cost of solar panels have come down drastically and will continue to as they are developed. With the governments Feed-in Tariff’s scheme you are looking at a return on investment period of around 7 – 8 years.

Solar panels require maintenance

This certainly not true. Solar panels are largely self maintaining with rain washing a large majority of the dust from the surface. The inverter is the only fragile part of the system with the average life span expected to be around 20 years before needing to be replaced.

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