Cost of Solar Panels set to fall?

by 00str1

A large sticking point for many people when it comes to weighting up whether to install Solar Panels on their roof is the price. Although Solar Energy is an excellent long term investment the initial cost of installation can deter people from going ahead.

However the cost of Solar Panels could be set to fall dramatically as a breakthrough in technology has been announced at Oregon University, United States.

The new technology sees Solar Panels printed not built. Research into the making of Solar Panels has unearthed a way to ‘print out’ solar cells via an inkjet-like machine, using a material called chalocopyrite. The process is estimated to speed up the production of solar panels significantly, and cut raw material waste by up to 90%, leading to a reduction in the cost of solar panels.

This new method of creating Solar Panels also increases the efficiency which should contribute to even better savings once installed.

Although this new technology is not ready yet, it represents a breakthrough and potential lead to driving down the cost of Solar Panels and therefore making them more attractive to wider range of people.

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