How long do solar electric PV panels last?

by 00str1

For anyone thinking of getting Solar Panels installed the prospect of earning 10% of your investment back per year will be enough to convince you it is a good idea. However there are always thoughts of further expenditure or the cost to repair a faulty system in the back of your mind.

As the investment is realistically taking place over a minimum of 25 years you want to ensure the technology will last the distance. Most PV panels come with a warranty that guarantees the panels will still produce at least 80% of their initial rated peak after 20, sometimes 25, years.

This suggests that manufactures expect that their panels will last at least 20 years, and that the efficiency decreases by no more than 1% per year.

The lifetime of Solar Panels are very difficult to estimate as very few renewable energy systems have been installed for long enough. Even globally very small number of PV installations are older than 10 years.

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