How can I find out my daytime electricity rate?

by 00str1

The short of the long is that finding out your daytime electricity rate can be a task in itself, most public utility companies in the UK rates and charges are a bit of a minefield. From our experience the best way to find out your electricity rate is to explore your end of month or end of quarter bill. Alot of UK utility companies will be charging quarterly, and by kWh. So thats a good place to start.

The most simple way to work out your electricity rate for the quarter as an average is to take the total amount of KWh’s used in the billing period. Just tot them all up.

Lets say your total = 2,500kWh

And your total bill was 350.00 inc VAT.

First remove the 20% VAT rate.

350 X 0.8 = £280

Now divide the total chargeable by your total kWh usage.

280 / 2500 = 0.112p per kWh in your billing period.

If you are unsure of what a kWh may convert to in terms of running an electrical appliance check out this post »

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