Feed-in Tariff being reduced from 12th December 2011

by 00str1

With the government originally due to review the Feed-in Tariff in summer 2012 it was a surprise to everyone when they announced a consultation for 31st October 2011. However this was not nearly as big as the surprise as the outcome of the meeting!

The government have decided that from the 12th December 2011 the Feed-in Tariff will be reduced by around 50%. See latest Feed-in Tariff »

Another meeting, the fourth in 9 months, has been planned for the new year which will consist of a comprehensive review.

A further change has also been proposed for those with a portfolio of PV installations at different locations. It is anticipated that the proposed change will look to restrict “free solar” offerings. See why not to get involved with Free Solar Panels »

Therefore anyone looking at getting Solar Panels fitted to their roof needs to act quickly in order to ensure they receive the higher Feed-in Tariff.

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