How to get the most out of Solar Panels

by 00str1

If you are thinking about getting Solar Panels fitted to your roof you are probably feeling a little bit skeptical about the amount of electricity your renewable energy system will produce.

Solar Panel installations are still relatively new and therefore only a selection of the data available is fact, the rest is estimates. Although we cannot change this we can improve the chances of gaining maximum electricity from our Solar PV System.

Tips to getting the most out of your Solar Panels

  • Position the Solar Panels as close to South as possible
  • Ensure the panels are tilted corrected, 30 – 40 degrees is recommended in the UK
  • Position the panels in a place which is free from shading (over hanging trees etc)
  • Only use MCS approved solar panels
  • Use higher grade cells as this produces solar panels with high efficiencies which generate more electricity
  • Wipe down panels once a year to remove any tough debris

If all of the above points are followed you will maximise the chances of gaining maximum electricity from your system over a prolonged period of time.

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