How can solar panels be used for electricity?

by 00str1

Many people ask the simple question how can solar panels be used for electricity? It’s a broad question but in reality the answer is quite simple. Without going into the science of how Photovoltaics (PV) works and the technology itself, solar panels convert energy from the suns rays with the help of an inverter into energy that we can use. The light and heat provided by the sun are collected by the photovoltaic cells on the solar panels and converted into energy which can be used in the home.

All solar panel installations will come with an inverter, these inverters are used primarily to change the direct current to an alternating current via an electrical switching process. You could think of inverters used with solar panels as electronically synthesized alternators. Read more about solar panel inverters » It is important as the article about solar inverters explains, to choose the right inverter to take the maximum output of your system and also to make sure that it has surge functionality as alot of electrical appliances need a surge of power to start them up, without it they simply won’t work.

Most solar panel installations will choose to keep an even split of energy to be exported (export tariff) to the national grid (whats this?) and energy to be kept within the home. This means that not only do you make money by exporting the energy created by your solar panels at the same daytime electricity rate that you pay, normally around £0.139p (how can I find out my daytime electricity rate?). You also save money by needing to take less from the grid and the public utility companies which run them, cutting cost of monthly/quarterly energy bills.

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