What happens if my solar installation is struck by lightning

by 00str1

Since a Photovoltaic (PV) installation in no way increases the chance of a lightning strike, the solar modules themselves are at no more risk than any other appliance connected to the grid in the UK. However in the rare event that the panels we’re directly struck by lightning there would likely be significant damage to the solar panel modules. The only thing that can be done to protect this is to install an external lightning protection system.

Much more frequent, by contrast, are indirect or close strikes, where a branch current of the lightning flows over the electrical installation, inducing a surge. In this case, protection can be offered by means of tiered surge protection at the utility grid feed-in point or at the PV array can significantly reduce damage. In addition, modern inverters are protected against atmospheric disturbances via thermally monitored varistors.

Good grounding is essential for proper operation and safety of your solar system. Consult with your installer if you have any questions or concerns regarding system grounding.

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