What is an MCS approved solar panel installer?

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As the UK strides towards its target of generating 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 more companies and individuals are offering their services as Solar Panel Installers.

The increase in popularity of Solar Panels and therefore Solar Panel Installers has therefore meant that a quality assurance scheme was needed to ensure work was being carried out to the correct standards.

MCS Approved Installer

The MCS is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme which demonstrates commitment to meeting rigorous and tested standards. It was designed with input from installer and product representatives. Similar to the Gas Safe Register, the MCS gives a mark of competency and demonstrates that installations will be carried out to the highest quality every time.

Installer certification entails assessing the supply, design, installation, set-to-work and commissioning of renewable microgeneration technologies.

Benefits of a MCS Installer

Installers and products which carry the MCS mark are often seen as a preferred option when choosing a Solar Panel Installer. This is because MCS is linked to many of the key factors driving demand such as:

  • Quality Assurance ensures that Solar Panels are fitted efficiently an correctly every time.
  • Feed-In Tariffs which will provide guaranteed payments to individuals, business and communities for solar electricity generation. Both the technology and the installer must be MCS certificated to be eligible.
  • The Code for Sustainable Homes, which is a mandatory requirement for all newly built homes to meet sustainability ratings, including ratings for energy and CO2 emissions. MCS certificated technologies can be used to meet the requirements of this Code.
  • The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for Energy Rating of Dwellings recognises MCS certificated products when determining whether products are eligible for inclusion in SAP assessments.

Becoming MCS Certificated

The process and standards differ for product and installer certification. Those wishing to become a MCS certificated installer, or to have their products certificated under the MCS, must do so by applying to a Certification Body. All accredited Certification Bodies have been accredited by UKAS under EN45011 to undertake certification assessments under the MCS. Please click here to view the full list of Certification Bodies.

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