How much do solar panels cost?

by 00str1

Solar panel installations, as with many things, vary in cost. The variations are most often seen between different installers and depend largely on what inverters and solar panels you have in your solar panel array.

How much do the Solar Panels cost?

The cost of Solar Panels vary depending on the Make, Model, Size and Efficiency of the panel you choose to have on your roof. Obviously the bigger the renewable energy system which you have installed the more panels that are required. An inverter, which turns the output of PV modules into a utility frequency AC current that can be fed into the commercial electrical grid, is also required. The size of inverter required is determined by size of the system.

Example System
  • System Size: 2.76 kWp (UK average)
  • Solar Panel: Future Solar FS-P660230 Polycrystalline Solar Panel – 230 kW – £399.99 per panel
  • Panels Required: 12
  • Total Panel Cost: £4,799.88
  • Inverter Cost: £1,220.00

How much does it cost to fit the Solar Panels?

Various trades and equipment is required in order to fit Solar Panels to a roof therefore its more cost effective to buy more panels as the costs involved with fitting panels are largely fixed.

Example Installation Costs
  • Scaffolding: £550.00
  • Frames & Cables: £420.00
  • Electrical Components: £220.00
  • Electrician & Roofer: £900.00
  • Miscellaneous: £200.00
  • Total Installation Cost: £2,290.00

Overall cost of an average Solar Installation

Given the above calculations the estimated cost of a 12 panel 2.76 kWp solar panel system including fitting is:

  • Solar Panels: £4,799.88
  • Inverter: £1,220.00
  • Fitting: £2,290.00
  • Total System Cost: £8,309.88

Are there any ongoing Solar Panel costs or maintenance?

The only additional cost which you may incur in future years is the cost to replace the inverter. Inverters rarely last 25 years therefore there is a strong possibility that this will need to be replaced at some point. The cost of an inverter is approximately £1,000.

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