Will fitting solar panels affect the value of my property?

by 00str1

As more and more people look to go green and save money on their electricity bill the more attractive a property with Solar Panels becomes. Solar Panels are still a relatively new concept in the UK therefore the true effect of Solar Panel installations on house prices is relatively unknown.

However, much like anything, if you spend money improving something it becomes more valuable. Research carried out in the United States and Europe suggested that having Solar Panels fitted does increase the value of your house despite a long payback duration.

Research also showed that a property that has Solar Panels with an agreed feed-in tariff is even more attractive as this allows electricity to be sold back to the grid. In addition to this a house with Solar Panels also has a lower electricity bill therefore is cheaper to run.

If you decide to sell your house after having Solar Panels fitted it’s important that you make the estate agents aware of the benefits as most estate agents lack knowledge on solar panels and therefore underestimate the value they can add to a property.

In short, by installing solar panels to your property, you are not only benefiting from lower energy bills and adding value to your property, you are also helping the planet by using a renewable source of energy that has little or no negative impact on the environment.

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