Variations to the UK Government Solar Tariffs

by 00str1

With almost all of the renewable energy sources tariffs last for 20 years, with the exception of Solar PV which is 25 years.

Is the tariff fixed and guaranteed for the entirety of the period?

Yes – once the start any given tariff, it is guaranteed for the full period shown above and is index linked.

What does index linked mean?

Each year a set level of generation and export tariffs will be adjusted pro-rate to the retail price index. The tariffs administrators will publish the updated tariff levels prior to the budget on the 1st of April each year.

Do the tariffs ever change?

Agreed systems tariffs will only change with the index-linking above.

Looking forward systems not yet registered tariff levels might change at the first review.

How long does the scheme last?

The incentive scheme is open to new installations until the end of March 2021 and so long as the UK is on target for its target mark of 15% renewable energy creation by 2020 this is likely to stand.

In theory a PV installation registered sometime in early 2021 will still be valid and receive tariffs until the 31st of March 2046.

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