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Earn up to 16% per year from solar panels, through electricity savings and the Feed In Tariffs.

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Join the solar revolution and start making money from your roof. Simply enter your postcode below and we will give you an instant estimate of the income you could generate.

Example 25 Year Solar Panel Income

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Advantages Of
Solar Energy


  • A true renewable energy source
  • Reduce cO2 emissions by up to 1 tonne

Save money

  • Reduce energy bills by up to £200 p/a
  • Save the environment

Make money

  • Develop dependancy from the electricity grid
  • Up to 10% tax free guaranteed return on investment
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Installation of Solar Panels

Solar PV

Solar PV technology is an extremely underused technology within the UK which can provide vast cost savings and environmental benefits to a domestic household. It also generates clean, renewable energy to be fed back into the Electricity Grid and generates extra income through government based incentives such as the Feed-in Tariff

Solar Panels UK

Solar panels come in a variety of different types and technologies all suited to varying situations and requirements. The two main types of panel are differentiated by their output of either electricity (solar PV) or hot water (solar thermal).

Solar Power

Solar power has been harnessed for many years but only in the last years has solar technology become economically viable for use in the domestic household. Solar thermal can provide hot water all-year round whilst solar PV can cut up to £200 off your energy bills and provide a passive income via the Government's Feed-in Tariff.