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One in six farmers will go solar this summer

About a third part of the UK farmers will be using some kind of renewable energy by August 2012 – when The Green Deal will be introduced -, a study has just revealed. Published by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and NatWest, this report confirms the agricultural sector bet for renewables, as demand for solar panels, wind turbines and other renewables has increased during the last months.

After surveying more than 400 farmers, solar installations proved the most popular option with one in six farmers claiming they will have solar PV systems installed by the end of this summer, and farmers in the East of England and the Midlands have a 5% uptake of wind turbines. Renewable heat technologies, such as biomass boilers or anaerobic digestion plants, are also expected to be in place at around 10% of farms by the end of the summer. (more…)

Blackshaws Garage reduces its carbon footprint

A significant reduction of their carbon footprint, the generation of an income through the feed in tariff and savings on electricity bills – which had reached £30,000 last year – were the three main reasons that made David Blackshaw – Blackshaws Garage‘s Managing Director – decide to invest in solar energy and install photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of his company, which has been working in Alnwick since 1919.

It is estimated that this solar panels installation will help the family-owned garage to save about £2,500 on electricity bills this year, and also will reduce their carbon footprint, stopping emissions by about 12 tonnes in the process. In adittion, Blackshaw Garage will see an average annual return on investment of 22.5 percent.


500 Solar Panels Fitted Free to Council Houses

From left, Cllrs Val Barrell and Mark Howell, site manager Steve Hall and Glenda Street, residents’ liaison officer

Lean GREEN Light Saving Machine

The installation of 500 free solar panels on council homes in South Cambridgeshire has begun & all this at at no cost to the occupants.

The roof based solar panels are being paid for and fitted by Savills Solar next month, with electricity generated during the day available free to residents and the surplus electricity being sold to energy providers to finance the project.

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Each household taking part should save at least £150 a year on their fuel bills, as well as cutting their carbon footprint.

Mark Howell, South Cambridgeshire’s District Council’s member for housing, was present as the first panels were fitted.


Grays Shopping Centre becomes solar

Grays Shopping Centre, in Essex, has definitely done its bit for the society and also for the environment. A 200 solar panels project was installed last week, covering a space of 15,000 sq ft on the roof of the building. When operating, the solar array will produce around 45,000 kWh’s per year, saving about 600 tonnes of CO2 during the life of the project.


Grays Shopping Center Solar Panels Installation

Grays Shopping Center Solar Panels Installation