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500 Solar Panels Fitted Free to Council Houses

From left, Cllrs Val Barrell and Mark Howell, site manager Steve Hall and Glenda Street, residents’ liaison officer

Lean GREEN Light Saving Machine

The installation of 500 free solar panels on council homes in South Cambridgeshire has begun & all this at at no cost to the occupants.

The roof based solar panels are being paid for and fitted by Savills Solar next month, with electricity generated during the day available free to residents and the surplus electricity being sold to energy providers to finance the project.

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Each household taking part should save at least £150 a year on their fuel bills, as well as cutting their carbon footprint.

Mark Howell, South Cambridgeshire’s District Council’s member for housing, was present as the first panels were fitted.


Feed In Tariff Requires Energy Performance Certificate @ Level D or Above

Get Your Certificates Ready

From April 1st 2012 all households that wish to install any kind of solar PV system will need to ensure that their houses are properly insulated and meet level D of the EPC certificate to receive their Feed in Tariff (FIT)

The new requirement will apply to any building, connected to a solar PV system, whether that be a domestic or commercial property. Any building must still be covered by an EPC Level D even if it is not heated at all. The new requirements covers systems of less than 50 kW of energy produced. Financial assistance required in order to meet the new level will also be available through the government’s Green Deal scheme.

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Complete Clarity

The Government Department for Energy & Climate Change have made it absolutely clear that there is no negotiation and all householders must hold a certificate at level D or above. A statement released from the department stated that:

Top 10 Myths of Solar Energy


There are many myths surrounding solar power in general, this can be attributed to many factors but most crucial of all is a lack of awareness and understanding from the general public with regards to the benefits of solar power and what it can do for people. Also there seems to be a lack of advertising on the subject especially when it comes to t.v. ad campaigns and other forms of media coverage.



Government Loses Solar Appeal


The Governments Department Of Energy and Climate Change has lost its battle with the Solar Panel Industry over the Feed In Tariff (FIT) Rate

How Much Money Should I Receive from the Scheme?

The Feed in Tariff Rate was introduced by the Government on the 1st April 2010 and guarantees a set amount of income for all electricity generated by a solar panel system installed on the roof of your property: (See what solar panels could do for you »)


Solar panel FIT tariff cuts receive industry criticism

Friends of the Earth joined Solar Installation companies to bring the legal case to the Royal Court of Justice.

A High Court ruling on subsidies for households has been welcomed by the industry. Judges rules on Wednesday the 23rd December 2011 that the decision to bring the move forward to December was legally flawed.

It is expected that the drop in subsidies will hit the industry hard, with fewer installations having a knock on effect on firms profitability.