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Solar Energy, the most popular in the UK!

A new 2,121 UK face-to-face in-home survey conducted with a representative sample of adults aged 16+, carried out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change has revealed 79% of the interviewed support renewable energy, and 69% think renewable energy industries and developments provide economic benefits to the UK.

The survey, set up to understand and monitor public attitudes to the Department’s main business priorities, began in March and will run four times a year from now on.


New Feed-in Tariffs Scheme from August 2012

Latest Feed-in Tariffs scheme finally confirmed by the UK Government a month ago will start on 1st August 2012. Homeowners applying on or before 31st July 2012 will receive the current 21p/kWh rate for an up to 4kW solar panels installation, as well as an EPC level D or above. However, those with an eligibility date on or after 1st August should be aware of the key changes announced by the UK Government. (more…)

Edinburgh’s Telford College goes Solar!

Edinburgh’s Telford College, a Scottish College at the forefront of developing training opportunities in the burgeoning renewables industry, is fitting up to 650 solar panels and introduce a range of other novel low carbon technologies on its West Granton Road main campus, which will generate enough energy to allow it to become self-sufficient in power and to showcase it as a UK role model for an energy – efficient building.

The project will mean the college can significantly reduce its power bills and will be able to sell surplus electricity to the National Grid, allowing it to reduce its reliance on government funding. At the same time, present and future students, as well as architects, designer and engineers, will also be able to gain unique ‘real environment’ training in renewable energy and in developing self-sufficient buildings.


US Scientists develop Solar Panels to harness Solar Energy underwater

Made by high-quality gallium indium phosphide (GaInP) cells, which have a higher efficiency under low light conditions, new solar panels developed by Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Electronics Science and Technology Division can be used to power sensors or autonomous research devices designed to monitor ocean environments.

Discover Solar launches the Installers Back Panel

After months of hard work, Discover Solar is proud to announce its Solar PV Installers Back Panel is live! A couple of weeks ago we introduced our MCS Installers Directory, a database of MCS accredited solar PV installers created for those who are looking for a solar installer in their area. Now, we present our Installers Back Panel, a powerful and effective tool for Solar PV Installers of the UK who want to increase the visibility of their company and compete in prices against other installers working in the same area.


A quick look at Renewables in the UK in 2011

A statistical press release from the UK Government has revealed some interesting renewables data from 2011.

The amount of electricity generated from renewables increased a 33% during the year, standing at 34,410 GWh in the end of 2011. At the same time, the UK generation capacity increased by 3.1 GW – another 33% – going up to 12.3 GW.  (more…)